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Has your dishwasher suddenly stopped working? Are the dishes are not getting cleaned? Have you seen unclean dishes come out of your dishwasher? Lipstick stains, icky food bits, and a white film over your dishes?

Environment friendly laws have banned everything but traces of phosphates from household dishwasher detergents. Phosphates are chemicals responsible for deep cleaning but they also pollute waterways and encourage the growth of algae, which can threaten the health of fish.

Over a period of time, even the branded dishwashers stop working leading to occasional leaks and improper cleaning. Chances are, your dishwasher is suffering from one or more of the following issues:

  • The motor seizing
  • The pump seizing
  • Blockages in water filter or water arms
  • Food drain being clogged

If you are facing such problems with your appliance, it’s time to get it repaired from the experts. At City Appliance and Refrigeration Services, we offer satisfactory dishwasher repair that will allow you long term use of your appliance.

Dishwasher break downs can build up odour and/or mold behind the door seal, over time. Regular maintenance ensures trouble-free operation of your dishwasher for years. Your dishwasher runs more reliably and efficiently (lowering energy usage & prolonging useful life), and avoids the possibility of frequent dishwasher repairs.The following leads to long trouble-free operation of your dishwasher

  • Rinse dispenser by removing the spray arm and cleaning the holes for seamless water flow.
  • Proper cleaning of the filters.
  • Periodical cleaning of the movable parts of your dishwasher including food drain, filters, gaskets in order to prevent leaks.
  • Checking the coating of the dish rack on a regular basis. In case any cracks appear, we seal it with a waterproof sealant to prevent rusting.

Tips to maximize the effectiveness of dishwashers

  • Load large items at the side and back so they do not block water and detergent
  • Place the dirty side of the dish towards the center of the dishwasher
  • Place items with baked-on food face down & towards the sprayer in the bottom tray

Our dishwasher repair experts with more than 30 years experience, service most brands like Bosch, Samsung, Sears, Whirlpool, KitchenAid.

For all your dishwasher repair needs, call us at: 780-463-7733 (South & West) & 780-476-4629 (North & East). See reviews of out satisfied customers on our Customer Feedback page.

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