Washer Repair in Edmonton


A washer is one of the most integral appliances used in home. If it breaks down, it can cause a lot of grief in today’s hectic pace of life. In fact, a washer is more than simply a modern convenience. Rather, it’s an integral household appliance that streamlines daily work. Quite obviously, a broken appliance causes a lot of problems in your daily activities.

At City Appliance and Refrigeration Services, we have expert technician, who can take care of all your washer repair needs and can suggest lasting solutions for smooth appliance operation.


Although the early signs of damage in the washer are quite unobserved, these can lead to major issues in the long run. Hence, as a user, you must be watchful, so you can discern when it needs a repair. This allows you to get your appliance fixed at an early stage and potentially save costly washer repairs in future. Here are some early signs that might require you to call a washer repair technician.

  • Annoying noise in the washer while running
  • Accumulated dirt and debris in the filter
  • Kinks in the water hose
  • Strong washer vibrations with jerky movements
  • Frequent code errors
  • Tumbler not moving back and forth
  • No spin cycle – not spinning at all
  • Water not draining out


At City Appliance and Refrigeration Services, we understand the urgency to get your broken washer fixed at the quickest possible time. We focus on providing a full-fledged washer repair, so that your washer works like new for a long time. We offer services like:

  • Cleaning/Replacement of the filter as per the intensity of the problems
  • Straighten out the kinks
  • Replacing water hose if required
  • Replacing the drive belt
  • Replacing the LED panel display when necessary
  • Fixing washer rips, if washer is leaking


City Appliance and Refrigeration Services is one of the reputed service providers across Edmonton. Hiring a washer repair technician from us will benefit you in the following way:

  • Same day washer repair service
  • Licensed repair technicians
  • Seamless and hassle free repair
  • Flexibility of 24/7 services
  • Availability for house calls
  • We carry common replacement parts of most major brands of washers and may have the part your washer needs, available.


However, to keep your washer in a proper working condition, some daily maintenance in also important. As a user, you must keep the front load washer door open to keep odour away. After each load clean the door seal with warm water.

An ideal way is to clean it at least twice a month with a cup of distilled vinegar and baking soda mixed together. It will remove the soap scum.  Drain water pump filter monthly.

For trusted washer repair services in Edmonton, count on City Appliances and Refrigeration Systems. We are familiar with the major brands available in the market. Call us to schedule an appointment to get the top-notch service.

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